Day trips:

Gray Fox has spent years exploring the Catskill mountains, and we would love to share some of our favorite hikes with you. The Catskill Mountains are only 2-3 hours north of NYC but a world away from the daily grind, and we think you’ll love exploring some of these backcountry favorites with us. Each hike offers unique experiences to get in touch with nature, explore a side of New York you might not have known, and learn some fun and interesting stuff along the way. All of our day trips include a light lunch and snacks and lead by guides that understand the most important thing about hiking is having fun and will tailor any outing to your individual skill level.



Easy Hikes 
Basic fitness is required, but we won’t be pushing anyone’s limits here. Hikes are usually no longer then 4-5 miles and any elevation gain is steady and gentle.  


Colgate Lake to Dutcher’s Notch Hike
Intensity Level: Easy
Located in Jewett, NY, this is an easy stroll through the woods. Gaining almost no elevation for the entire hike, this trip is a perfect chance for someone to get a sense of all the beauty New York has to offer. Starting off in a wide open meadow, we’ll hike for about 2 hours on state maintained trails, past peat bogs, over gently meandering streams before stopping for lunch at a wild apple orchard and then onwards to Dutcher’s Notch. Since this is such a flat hike, this is a perfect opportunity to bring your four legged friend to enjoy the outside as well.
Time: Approx. 4-5 hours from start to finish.
Cost: $75 per person, lunch and snacks included.


Mud Pond Swimming Hole Hike
Intensity Level:
What a better way to escape the hot sticky summer day of NYC then a hike to a beautiful mountain lake! We’re pretty sure locals named this spot Mud Pond just to keep others from discovering this beautiful spot. Located just outside Roscoe, NY, in the Cherry Ridge Wild Forest, this hike is a favorite of Gray Fox. Starting from the trail head, we’ll hike through a grove of crab apple trees before we start a two mile hike up a moderate incline trail where we’ll level out at Mud Pond and get a chance to explore the area. Mud Pond is a natural pond teeming with brook trout and sunfish and offers a wonderful opportunity to possibly see some of the friendly deer and foxes that also call New York home. Once we get to Mud Pond, you’ll have an opportunity to take a dip and cool off in the lake before being served lunch. After lunch you’ll have a chance to relax on the shores of the lake before we head back to the trail head.
Time: Approx. 4-5 hours.
Cost: $75 per person, full hot lunch and snacks included.

trail7Moderate Hikes
These hikes require a higher level of fitness, but you don’t have to be a triathlete to enjoy these trails. These hikes are longer with much more elevation but its nothing the average fit person can’t handle  


Overlook Mountain House Trip
Intensity Level: Moderate
Starting just outside the historic town of Woodstock, this hike offers something for everyone. We start at the trail head and hike uphill on a well-groomed old carriage road for 1.8 miles to the ruins of the old Overlook Mountain House. First built in 1833 and rebuilt several times since then, the Mountain house offers a glimpse into the past when the Catskill Mountains were the playground for New York’s rich and famous. From there we’ll continue to the Overlook Mountain fire tower where you can see stunning views of  the Hudson River, Ashokan Reservoir, and Indian Head Mountain range. It’s also a perfect place to have a light lunch before continue on a much quieter part of the trail to Echo Lake.
Time: Approx. 7 hours start to finish (9.4 miles round trip)
Cost: $100 per person, light lunch and snacks included.


Giant Ledge and Panther Mountain
Intensity Level:
Take on one of the Catskill Mountain’s famous 3500 foot high peak mountains with beautiful views along the way. Located in the town of Shandaken, Panther Mountain is a perfect introduction to some of the larger mountains in the Catskills. The result of an ancient meteorite impact, Panther Mountain is 3,720ft tall, and we’ll be getting to the top via Giant ledge trail. This path will take us past five different spots that offer some of the best views of the Catskills. Along the way we’ll stop and have lunch before passing the 3.500ft elevation marker and summiting Panther Mountain.
Time: Approx. 5 hours start to finish (7 miles round trip)
Cost: $100 per person, lunch and snacks included.


viewfromtop2Advanced Hikes
These hikes will get your sense of adventure going. While these aren’t the longest hikes we offer, they are the most technical. Often with rock scrambles and serious gains in elevation, these trips can be very tiring but come with a huge sense of accomplishment. 


Sugarloaf Mountain
Intensity Level: Advanced 
This hike is part of the infamous Devil’s Path hiking trail, one of the most difficult trails in the North East. Despite being one of the most difficult hikes we offer, Sugarloaf Mountain highlights many of the things that make the Catskills great: breathtaking views, unique rock formations, rugged terrain and animals galore. Starting from the trail head, we’ll hike past the famous “chairs” rock formation with views of the Platt Cove Valley and continue on passing a large and elaborately constructed beaver pond and finally to Pecoy Notch. Once we pass Pecoy Notch, we’ll officially be on the Devil’s Path, and things start to ramp up in difficulty. Over the next mile, we’ll gain almost 1,000 feet in elevation most of it on steep climbs, rock chutes and hand-over-hand climbs. Once we summit Sugarloaf, the fun continues on the way down, carefully descending boulders and rock tunnels before leveling out and finishing up back at the trail head. This hike is recommended only for people in good physical shape with outdoor experience but comes with the satisfaction of completing part of the Devil’s Path.
Time: Approx. 7 hours (6.8 miles round trip)
Cost: $150 per person, lunch and snacks included.  

Indian Head Mountain

Intensity Level: Advanced
Another hike on the Devil’s Path, the Indian Head Mountain trail shares the same rugged beauty and challenges that the rest of the Devil’s Path has but with the addition of more technical mountain climbing. From the trail head, we’ll slowly gain almost 1,000 feet of elevation for 1.9 miles before reaching Jimmy Dolan’s notch and starting on this section of the Devil’s Path. Past the notch, it’s a 500’ vertical climb before we level out at the summit of Indian Head. With the summit behind us we’ll head to a ledge overlooking the valley known as Sherman’s Outlook and enjoy lunch. It’s all downhill from here as we descend back into the valley blow through rock chimneys and a few tricky portions before flattening out and returning back to the trail head. This hike is recommended only for people in good physical shape with outdoor experience, but comes with the satisfaction of completing part of the Devil’s Path.
Time: Approx. 7 hours (6.16 miles round trip)
Cost: $150 per person, lunch and snacks included.  

Overnight Trips