campingCherry Ridge Wild Forest
There is nothing we at Gray Fox love more than camping out in the Catskills, and there is no place we love doing it more than Cherry Ridge. This trip is suitable for people of any skill level and has a little something for everyone. From the trail head, we’ll hike along a lush flat trail for about a mile, crossing over streams and washed out bridges as we go. Once we get to camp along a peacefully babbling brook and have a light lunch, your guides will set up shop and give you some time to relax and enjoy the area. The day passes at a mild pace and gives you plenty of time to do anything from visiting the nearby waterfall to relaxing in a hammock. Once night falls, it’s time to kick your feet up, enjoy a roaring fire, a hearty meal, and spectacular star gazing. In the morning, your guide will make breakfast and coffee or tea for everyone before we pack up at leisurely pace and head back to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Cost: $200 per person. Price includes pick up and drop off in Brooklyn as well as lunch dinner and breakfast. Please see our FAQ section for gear list and any other questions.

Balsam Mountain

This is a great option for people who want a more active overnight camping trip. Our campsite is nestled between Balsam and Eagle mountain and is the perfect spot to camp the night and hike one of the Catskill Mountains 3500’ peaks. Depending on availability, we’ll set up camp with either tents or utilizing a DEC lean-to (think a small 3 walled cabin). Once camp is set up and daylight permitting, we’ll summit Balsam Mountain before returning to camp for a well-deserved dinner and good night’s sleep.

Cost: $200 per person, price includes pick up and drop off in Brooklyn as well as lunch dinner and breakfast. Please see our FAQ section for gear list and any other questions.

Custom Trips
Don’t like what you see here? Contact us directly about custom trip up to ten people. Custom trips are based on any skill level and are perfect for anything from family outings and team building exercise to corporate retreats and bachelor parties.