How do we get there?
We know most New Yorkers don’t have a car. That’s why Gray Fox includes transportation on all our trips. Our pick up and drop off point near Atlantic Terminal / Barclay’s center is centrally located near almost all subway lines and the LIRR. Most of our trips are about two hours north of the city and gives you plenty of time to relax, nap, and get to know your fellow nature lovers. If you do want to drive yourself, just let us know, and we’ll make arrangements for you!


Who am I going on this adventure with?
We limit our group size to 8 people to guarantee you have the most individualized trip possible. We love taking people on tours from all walks of life and experience levels, no matter if your solo, a couple, or a group. With such a small group people, strangers quickly become friends as we explore the backcountry together.


What about my four-legged friend?
We love dogs! We want to make sure your dog has just as much fun on the trail as you do. Not all of our trips are suitable for dogs,  so just ask ahead of time, and we’ll let you know. Since some of our guests may be allergic to dog hair/dander, you will need to supply your own tent if you want to take your pet on an overnight trip .


What do I need to bring with me?
Before each adventure we’ll supply you with a detailed list of everything that you’ll need for the trip, tailored specifically for each outing, but generally speaking you’ll need:


Day trips:

Day pack– large enough to carry the basics

 • Sunglasses

 • Sunscreen

 • Bug repellent

 • Refillable 1 liter water bottle  – Staying hydrated on the trail is super important!
   Your guides will have extra water available but its always a good idea to have your own.

 • Extra clothes just in case  – You never know what can happen in the backcountry,
   and simple things like an extra pair of socks or a hooded sweatshirt can make the world of difference!

 • Snacks  – We’ll provide the trail snacks, but if you have something specific
   that you absolutely love feel free to bring it along.


Overnight trips:
We supply the food, water, tents, supplies and know-how to make sure you have an amazing time in the woods. That being said there are still some basics you’ll need to bring along with you. You’ll need all the things for a day hike and also:

Large backpack  – 50 liters is a good size (must have hip belt)

 • Sleeping bag  – For most of our trips a 50 degree summer bag is more than enough.

 • Sleeping pad: (optional but highly recommended) A good night’s sleep is an amazing thing,
   especially in the backwoods! Inflatable or closed cell pads are fine, as long as your comfortable!

Missing a piece of equipment? No problem! We’ll be able to rent you whatever you need at a reasonable price!


What are we going to eat on our trips?
With over two decades of experience camping and hiking in the Catskills, we’ve developed some serious backwoods cooking skills! We love serving the tastiest, freshest, and highest quality food that we can bring on the trail with us! From homemade sausages with campfire biscuits and roast veggies to shaved Brussel sprouts salad, we think you’ll love what we have made for you. Before each trip we’ll let you know whats on the menu, and just let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.


What kind of shape do I need to be in to do this?
All of our trips are tailored to the groups individual fitness level, but just to make sure everyone has a fun time, we have broken it down in the following way:


Easy hikes: Basic fitness is required, but we won’t be pushing anyone’s limits here. Hikes are usually no longer then 4-5 miles, and  any elevation gain is steady and gentle


Medium: These hikes require a higher level of fitness, but you don’t have to be a triathlete to enjoy these trails. These hikes are longer with much more elevation, but it’s nothing the average fit person can’t handle


Hard: These hikes will get your sense of adventure going. While these aren’t the longest hikes we offer, they are the most technical. Often with rock scrambles and serious gains in elevation, these trips can be very tiring but come with a huge sense of accomplishment.


What do we do in case of bad weather?
Part of getting out into nature is enjoying nature in ALL its forms: Sometimes that means just a simple cloudy day, other times it’s a rain. Our experience in the backcountry means we can have fun and be comfortable in some less-than- ideal conditions. However, if it looks like its going to be really bad or potentially dangerous conditions, we’ll notify you within 24 hours of the trip and offer you full credit on another Gray Fox adventure.


How do I “answer natures call”?
Gray Fox is a firm believer in “Leave No Trace” camping, so whenever possible we’ll avail ourselves of the DEC supplied composting toilets. If we are in a section of trail without these facilities, alternate accommodations will be made to be able to answer natures call responsibly and privately.